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Free Pattern - Almond Blossom Cross Stitch Bookmarks

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Summer is officially over. The days are slowly become colder and the sky seems greyer each time I look up. Before we know it winter will be here and it will be impossible to find any logical reason to get out of bed. For a summer lover like me, this is a true travesty. The one thing to look forward to at this time of year is the impending almond blossoms. In just a few short months the trees will be full of pink and white blooms. They are so pretty, and always look so striking against the gloomy skies and the other bare trees. It doesn’t snow here in Adelaide, but it does snow in blossoms.

In anticipation of waiting for the almond blossoms, I’ve made these cheery bookmarks. I’m already picturing myself snuggled up reading a good book, a hot coffee in hand, and using these bookmarks to make life just a little less gloomy. Download the patterns below.

Lara xo

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