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I’m Back!

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

I’m back from my long and unexpected hiatus – sorry to have abandoned you for so long. Back in June, I had just returned from my trip to Mt Gambier when I found out that I’m pregnant. Since then I’ve spent three months in bed with horrible morning sickness. Everything in my life got put on hold, I lost all of my creativity and couldn’t bring myself to pick up any of my projects. Now that I’m feeling almost normal again I’m ready to pick things up where we left them.

Last you heard from me I was in Mt Gambier attending Craft Alive, and I promised to show you all of the beautiful products I discovered. That post never came, but better late than never, right? Since it was so long ago, I’m just going to take you through my highlights.

My craft shopping started before we even got to Mount Gambier. We were on the road, in approximately the middle of nowhere, when I spotted a sign on the side of the road. I can’t remember now exactly what it said, but it told me that there were craft supplies coming up, so of course we pulled over. It was like a craft oasis in the most unlikely of places. Sandy Tonkin sells lots of fun craft supplies from her home on Dukes Highway. I didn’t get much because I knew that I would be spending up at Craft Alive, but I just had to snap up an oval embroidery hoop (why are they so hard to come by?). Sandy was a delight too. She invited us to stop by again for a coffee on our way home a couple days later. Sorry we never made it Sandy, we ended up taking a different route home. The store is Old Culburra Store, and the actual location is 7817 Dukes Highway, Culburra, South Australia. I definitely recommended popping in if you’re going past!

At Craft Alive my first stop was at Amy Kallissa’s stall. Can I just tell you, Amy is such a gem! We had a lovely chat and I left happy with a pair of unicorn(!) embroidery scissors, a new needle minder, and a Craft Alive exclusive Let’s Face It kit.


I got two skeins of stranded silk from Cascade House. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but they feel lovely and I imagine they will stitch beautifully. I also took a candlewicking class. I had never heard of candlewicking before, but it sounded interesting. Basically it is a form of embroidery using plain white linen and a thick cotton thread. It gets it’s name from an old style of embroidery where people would literally use candlewick thread to embroider, because that was all they could get their hands on. Read more about candlewicking here.

One of my favourite stalls was Every Sewer Needs, simply because of the huge amount of stock they had. They stock a Spanish brand of stranded cotton which I had never heard of before called Presencia. So of course I had to grab a few. They only seem to stock the perle cotton on their website, but I’m keen to give them a try too.


These were my favourite purchases. I also picked up some Wonderfil Eleganza thread, a sashiko kit, and a few cute fat quarters, but unfortunately it’s been so long that I don’t remember the names of all the businesses.

Craft Alive was a really fun day. It’s It was great to discover some new products and to socialise with the craft community, which in my case is normally done from behind a computer screen. I will say though, at least in Mount Gambier, I only needed half a day there. There just wasn’t enough to fill up a whole day for me. I’m not a quilter though, so you may feel differently if you are (there was a lot of quilting supplies). I didn’t think a multi-day pass was necessary.

There are still a few more Craft Alive events coming up this year, and next years dates have been released. See them here.

I hope that little post was worth the wait. Stay tuned because I have a few things planned, including some tutorials. I promise I wont forget about you again!

Lara xo

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