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Tutorial – How to Make a Cross Stitch Bookmark

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

One of my favourite things to do with a finished cross stitch is to turn it into a bookmark. It’s nice to be able to use something you’ve made, rather than let collect dust with the rest of your finished projects you don’t know what to do with. Bookmarks also make a practical gift – a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!


Today I’m going to show you two methods of finishing your cross stitch bookmarks so that the back stitches are concealed. For this project I have used my Almond Blossom cross stitch patterns. They are available for free here.

Method one: Paper backed

This method gives your cross stitch a coordinating border around the edge of your cross stitch, and leaves a smooth, plain back.

You’ll need:

  1. coloured or patterned paper (use one which coordinates with your cross stitch. I like to use scrapbook paper)

  2. a ruler

  3. a pencil

  4. scissors

  5. craft glue

Step 1:

Trim your finished cross stitch so that its even on all sides. I usually leave 3 or 4 empty squares on each side. I like to remove the last row of aida from each side by gently pulling them out. This helps to prevent fraying and gives it a finished look, but it is optional.


Step 2:

Place your cross stitch on top of your paper and decide how much paper you want showing around the edges. Remember that this will also determine the final size of your bookmark. Using your ruler, make accurate cutting lines on the paper. Cut to size.


Step 3:

Apply craft glue to the back of the cross stitch and press it onto the paper. Be careful not to use to much glue, as it will seep through your cross stitch. You can always add more glue later if required.

Method 2: Felt backed

This is a good method to use if you don’t want the backing to be visible from the front. It will be thicker than a paper backed bookmark, so keep that in mind when deciding which method to use.

You’ll need:

  1. a sheet of craft felt

  2. scissors

  3. craft glue

Step 1:

Trim your finished cross stitch the same way you would for the paper backed method. See above.

Step 2:

Place your cross stitch on top of the felt and carefully cut the felt to the same size. Remove your cross stitch and trim the felt making all the sides straight. I like to cut my felt just a tiny bit smaller than my cross stitch.

Step 3:

Apply craft glue to the back of your cross stitch and press it onto the felt. Again, be careful not to apply to much, and add more later if required.

And there you have it. Two easy ways to finish your cross stitch bookmarks! Which method do you prefer? Show me your cross stitch bookmarks on Instagram by tagging @laramakes.


Lara xo

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